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By Nautilus
#91286 Hello,

I can't get GxEPD2_MinimumExample from GxEPD2 running on my "new NodeMcu V3" together with the e-Paper. I use the recommended wiring
mapping suggestion from Waveshare SPI e-Paper to ESP8266 NodeMCU:
BUSY -> D2, RST -> D4, DC -> D3, CS -> D8, CLK -> D5, DIN -> D7, GND -> GND, 3.3V -> 3.3V

I uncommented line 23 in GxEPD2_display_selection_new_style.h
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// select the display driver class (only one) for your  panel
//#define GxEPD2_DRIVER_CLASS GxEPD2_154     // GDEP015OC1  200x200, no longer available
#define GxEPD2_DRIVER_CLASS GxEPD2_154_D67 // GDEH0154D67 200x200
//#define GxEPD2_DRIVER_CLASS GxEPD2_154_T8  // GDEW0154T8  152x152

To be able to upload the sketch, I have to disconnect the e-paper from the NodeMcu. When I run the skecth, the display shows no reaction. What am I doing wrong? I'm glad about any help.

Best regards