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By pconst167
#91559 I built a CPU/Minicomputer system from scratch using 74 series logic
and I am writing an operating system for it.

I have an ESP8266 connected to it, using the telnet to serial interface available in the examples.

However this interface only sends/receives ascii directly to/from my CPU. So it basically creates
a remote terminal interface to the CPU.

What I need instead is to be able for the CPU to directly instruct the ESP8266 to send/receive
packets to/from IP addresses. I need to be able to write an interface so that I can call a function
inside my CPU that for example opens a TCP/IP connection with another host
and starts communicating. I don't want to simply receive/send ASCII without knowing
where it came from etc.

What do I need to do? AT+ commands don't seem to be what I want.

I want to have my CPU control most aspects of the connections.

What I am looking for I guess is a kind of native internet interface, without the ESP8266
handling everything.

Do you know what I mean?

I don't know how to explain this properly. I want my CPU to know about what connections are
active, and send/receive to a connection it wants.

Is this done with AT commands? So the CPU would tell the ESP to start a Telnet server
and then the CPU would receive AT responses, and then I would have to parse these AT responses
from inside the CPU to know where it comes from, etc?

Any help appreciated...

Thank you