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By ZigDuDim
#91582 Hi everyone !!

I am using a lctech x2 relay with my esp-01s for my home automation.
For some reason after approximately 24h of use, the relay (the components itself) broke down.
It is the second time I desoldering and re-soldering a new relay. After changing it, every things is working fine until the next morning.

The relay is used for opening and closing blinds, so it is off 99% of the time. It is activate only twice or 4 times a day.

Do you guys have a idea ?
It has nothing to do with my esp programmation right? It maybe a electronical problem?

Best regards
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By Bonzo
ZigDuDim wrote:Do you guys have a idea ?

Not without more information

When you write a post you should think to yourself; "would I be able to answer it with the information given"
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By QuickFix
#91590 You also might want to post your topic in a more appropriate forum, like the "Newbie Corner" or, if you don't feel a newbie anymore: "Hardware Specific" or even "General Discussions" (the first forum more forgiving when a newbie, than the latter two). :idea:

In this "General Chat and Questions" forum you can ask what the weather is like or show us pictures of your car. ;)