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By bdepauw
#91668 Is the combination of both also possible :
- swapping UART0 : TX0 GPIO 1 and RX0 GPIO 3 to GPIO15 (TX) and GPIO13 (RX)
- remapping UART1 TX pin GPIO 2 to pin GPIO 1 ? ( so UART1 uses the USB chip)

So here I would use the (4) pin set from UART0 for both UARTs

Why I would do this :
- need to use a hardware serial port to read (only) incoming data at 115200 (@ 3.3V)
- like to use the build-in USB chip to monitor to computer (only data out from ESP8266 to PC )
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By QuickFix
#91670 Unfortunately not; this is one of the lesser handy properties of the ESP8266. :(


The ESP8266 doesn't support remapping, only swapping (using the functions in the table above); the ESP32, however, does support remapping and even has three UART controllers.

You can swap UART0 from (TX/RX) GPIO1/3 to GPIO15/13, but of UART1 only TX (GPIO2) can be used, since the GPIO for RX is used by the flash memory and cannot be swapped.

For a more in-depth description, please read this topic in the Arduino-ESP8266 reference manual. :idea: