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By DavidMalan
#91886 Hi fellows!

Hoping this is the right place to post a question concerning WifiManager.

I searched the whole web and some pages more, but didn't find a clue on how to leave AP mode after the ESP has switched to AP mode when not finding the WLAN the credentials it already knows of (from a privious session in AP mode, when I entered the correct credentials).

The ESP goes into AP mode because the WLAN is switched off.
If WLAN is ON, it connects into STA mode correctly.

To be clear:
ESP knows credentials of the WLAN.
If WLAN is ON, it connects.
If WLAN is OFF, it enters AP mode and rests there forever.
How can I programmatically leave AP mode to enter STA mode, when WLAN is ON again?

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By btidey
#91908 You can set a timeout for the time it spends in AP mode before quitting.

With this you can program what behaviour you want. E.g. make it alternate between AP mode and STA mode until either a connection is found or it is reconfigured.