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By LewinskyS
#92272 First time here, and Newbie user.
I have a device that sends a data log to a flashdrive when the unit runs.
Is it possible to use the ESP8266, to have the data stream to a file on my PC? This would avoid having to run the unit with the Flash drive in the USB, then pull the Flash drive and plug it into my PC to download the info.
Any help, to start pointing me in the right direction would help.
If possible? which ESP8266 board would work?
any sample code that I could tweak.
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By QuickFix
#92343 No, an ESP8266 doesn't have USB only UART (or SPI, I2S in HW and I2C in SW).

The USB connector you might see on your development board is connected to a USB <=> UART convertor, so you can program it and use it for debugging on a PC.
With this your ESP is a USB device, while you need it to be a host, which it's simply not capable of.

Since you didn't mention what (kind of) device you're trying to interface, it's difficult to determine what you need to do (if even possible) to get it working.

Does your device also have a serial out by any chance?
If so, it shouldn't be too difficult, if not, you'll have to find another solution.