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By sgjajva
#85661 Currently my system has a 12V LA battery (thus I could use it if I wanted to) I replaced not too long ago:


I can appreciate what you are saying about reliability since I built my own smart cameras before Ring came along and for the most part they just run. Of course they are much more complex than a home alarm system, so you will run into issues now and then, but that's why I monitor them with Zabbix. I'm prototyping the reed switch logic now:

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By benmac
#92348 I apologize for resurrecting a 1+ yr old thread, but unfortunately you're the only post my Google-Fu can kick back.

sgjajva wrote:
  • Power transformer going into panel primary 120 VAC 40W, secondary 16.5 VAC 40 VA
  • 1 Honeywell 6150 keypad
  • 5 Kidde AC Hardwired Smoke Alarm i12060
  • 1 System Sensor 2WTA-B Photoelectric i3 Smoke Detector, 2-Wire
  • 1 Bosch DS835i PIR
  • 10 window magnetic reed switches
  • 4 door magnetic reed switches
  • 1 siren

Were you able to connect the i3 Smoke Detector? I have the same system, with 3 of the System Sensor detectors, wired in series with a two-wire. On the alarm panel, all I have is a black and red. The red is 12V, black seems like it's the signal wire, or simply the ground return.

How would I connect it to my NodeMCU? I assume some sort of relay would be involved, but I just can't figure out how to power the detectors as well as provide a signal when smoke is detected.