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By eriksl
#92634 If you can me point me to a place where I can buy the required sensors (cheaply!) I will buy them I and add support. Please take note that the BMP280 isn't very accurate and my firmware will not "send" any data, it must be "fetched".

Otherwise I have no objection that you would fork the code and add your requirements yourself and I will give advice where required.
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By asz
#92647 My hardware setup contains a drone "GPS & Compass" ( ... 4c4dALA68I) and an GY-BME280-3.3 module.

The "GPS" part is a Ublox NEO M8N and that already transmits NMEA 0183 sentences over serial... so that part is kind of ready out of the box.

The BME280 is already implemented in you fetching the values from that part is also kind of ready.

The "GPS & Compass" also have a compass chip labeled HA5883 0008 witch I think is the same as a QMC5883 that you can get very cheaply on a GY-271 module ( ... ext=GY-271)

I don't know the difference of QMC5883 and HMC5883, probably a clone of a clone of a clone with lower chip quality and not as good resolution. But I would guess that there is no difference in the I2C communication.

If you like I can buy the GY-271 module and send it to you (with the extra delay that gives). Just tell me on a PM.

I will start with putting all my stuff on a bread board and verify that I can power it up and communicate over all the buses.
Then, I think my next step will be to try to make a "wrapper" for your BME280 "driver" to format the values from BME280 in the XDR NMEA0183 sentence ( ... easurement).

This will take me some time so don't hold your breath! :mrgreen:

/Andreas Schütz
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By asz
#92663 Hi again Erik
Maybe I have found you a bug ;-)

When I activate uart without connecting to a wlan first, the bridge will pipe the received data into the cli... no matter what I set the bp to, the received characters end up in "bp 0 24".

I agree, this is a special case...but it is actually not necessary to associate to a wifi it you want to have an "AP bridge" which I think is a cool feature .

Kind regards.
/Andreas Schütz
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By asz
#92664 I think that I have found another bug...

1) I set the wifi parameters and connect to wifi... No Problem.
2) I set the uart parameters and start fetching characters from uart on port 23.... No problem.
3) I set the i2c pins (im 0 5 i2c scl 5) and when pressing enter, my wemos d1 forget all config and restarts without config.