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By Federico Coppola
#92668 Hi all,
I am new in this forum and I have not experience with ESP8266, I used in the past Arduino UNO board.

I am interested about ESP8266 because they are a great solution to IoT and remote management generally.
My goal is quite simple:
I need to control a LED strip using a web interface, for example using a computer or smartphone connected to my Home LAN.
I know that esp8266 can not turn on a 12V led strip, in fact I am going to use MOSFET.
This led strip isn't a RGB led strip. I would just control led strip light, for example increasing or decrease light using PWM and MOSFET module.

I need that esp8266 board is going to have:
    PWM pin
    5V pinout voltage (I prefer to control MOSFET module)

I saw that there are many different esp8266 boards and I am confused.
Which one is the best for my little project?