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By Dliloch
#92715 Hello,

I successfully flashed my ESP8266M0D using the Froggo platform and tasmotizer. I then tested it and it on the Froggo platform and it put up the webserver and all was ok… So then I wanted to deploy it and just apply +3.3v and gnd like I have done with the esp8266-01 ESP-01 board but it will not come up. Do I need to trigger another pin with this chip?

Below is a link to a picture of the setup..
https://content.instructables.com/ORIG/ ... 03075d4aa0

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By QuickFix
#92721 This is actually something for the Newbie Corner :idea:

Make sure that, apart from a good solid (3.3V and filtered) power supply, GPIO0 is HIGH and GPIO15 is LOW at boot:
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By Dliloch
#92722 Thanks..I am a noobie for sure.. while waiting I did find it!

CH_PD (chip power down) or EN my board has EN tied to 3.3v via 10k resistor
3.3v to vcc
GPIO0 tied to 3.3v via 10k resistor
GPIO15 tied to gnd

And yes good 3.3v power supply…they are very sensitive to this!

That powered it up!
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By QuickFix
Dliloch wrote:CH_PD (chip power down) or EN my board has EN tied to 3.3v via 10k resistor

Ah shoot; I forgot to mention those too.

I never use separate modules myself, only dev boards, but you're right: those have to be set as well.
Great you've got it working! :idea: