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By Pablo2048
#73207 Yes, exactly, what NickLD wrote with small correction:
replace httpServer.send(200, "text/html", MAIN_page); with httpServer.send_P(200, "text/html", MAIN_page, sizeof(MAIN_page));
there are _P methods for direct PROGMEM output (see ESP8266WebServer.h)
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By pedros89
#92857 I could not be more grateful. Thank you very much mr Pablo2048. I was having a headache because when my webpage was becoming big and with many string concatenations I had a white blank page in return on the browser. Serial printing the webpage stirng I realized that there was the
Code: Select allerror E (49837) uart: uart_write_bytes(1159): buffer null

I came across this post and with your code now everything is sorted. I still would like to dig deeper in the matter because using the code above without the headers does not work.
I can mark my GitHub issue as solved thanks to you.