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By seedseifer
#92869 Hey guys,
I'm trying to write text to file but when there are special characters they look strange, example below:

On code "TESTING SPECIAL CHAR Ç É ção normal é e."
On file "TESTING SPECIAL CHAR Ç É ção normal é e."

Part of code bellow:

Code: Select allString bootout;
bool fsmount = LittleFS.begin();
  if (fsmount) {
    bootlog = true;
    bootout = "TESTING SPECIAL CHAR Ç É ção normal é e.";
    File f ="bootlog.txt", "w");
    if (f) {

Both with String and with char[] the problem happens.

Interesting fact, if I use the arduinojson lib to serialize directly into the file the characters come out correctly.

this is driving me crazy... :?
Has anyone ever experienced this?