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By erfilele
#92876 i bought a wemos d1 mini months ago ( about 6 moths ) and after a period of practicing different things and modules on it,i have established a temperature station in my backyard with two sensor one for underground and one for outdoor. there was no problem and it worked 24/7 with one publish to my Mosquitto broker every 2 seconds. now i am working on another project but it doesnt work well, it wasted 2 weeks of my time and still dont know why ! i used this ( ... sp8266.ino ) sketch made by the owner of the library to check if everything is well. i also use another ESP based module bought as NodeMCU Lolin. this NodeMCU works pretty fine! but my wemos d1 cant subscribe to a topic, however sometimes it can! but the publish process is done all the time even when it cant subscribe. the WAN is the same, power supply is the same, sketch is the same, the broker is the same. im wonder to know what happend to this board ? is it something normal about its lifetime ? what part of it is damaged or im totally wrong ?

Note: im living close to Caspian sea and the humidity is quite high here ( more than 94% ) and the processes were at the sea level with approximately 2 meters higher.
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By Inq720
#92899 I can't really help you with MQTT. It's on my list, but haven't gotten to it yet. Your problem sounds like a software problem versus hardware. I can only address "is it something normal about its lifetime?" I'm probably up in the hundreds of ESP8266's used. I use either a WeMos or NodeMCU or ESP01 depending on the project. The ones I actually develop on have been the same units I got years ago. They probably have better than ten-thousand upload cycles on them and I can say I've never had any go bad except those that I intentionally ran to destruction. I have had a few that were DOA, but none that went bad in the field. Sealing and keeping them away from a harsh environment like you have is critical, but corrosion causing the failure you describe sounds unlikely. They usually just crap-out or won't turn on.

Good luck