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By bigvalen
#89680 I had a sketch that ran find on an AVR, that controlled NeoPixels (using ws2812) at the same time as a servo. However, it depended on the AdaFruit TiCoServo library, which is AVR specific. They also have a 'NeoPixel ZeroDMA' library...but it's M0/M4 specific.

Is there anything similar that would work on esp8266's LX6 ?
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By Inq720
#92902 I'm not familiar with the libraries you mention. And it sounds kind of strange (to me) for a library that controls a bunch of LED's AND a servo. I'd have thought that would be two separate libraries... but what do I know. But if you're problem is working the servo... There is a servo library built-in to ESP8266 code base. There is even examples that can be called up in the IDE. Its been a long time since I did a servo project and I can't remember if I used this library or rolled my own.
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