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By Mesonlaste
#92920 Hello everyone,

I'm new here

I'm discovering the wonderful world of the esp8266 through the acquisition of the UNO+WiFi R3 ATmega328P+ESP8266, 8Mb flash, USB-TTL CH340G, Micro-USB board.

Before posting this message :

i configure the board in this mode

for arduino i selected Generic esp8266 module

I test the following command
Code: Select allvoid setup() {
 Serial.println(" Hello world !");

void loop() {
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:

Code: Select allExecutable segment sizes:
ICACHE : 32768           - flash instruction cache
IROM   : 236004          - code in flash         (default or ICACHE_FLASH_ATTR)
IRAM   : 26733   / 32768 - code in IRAM          (IRAM_ATTR, ISRs...)
DATA   : 1496  )         - initialized variables (global, static) in RAM/HEAP
RODATA : 900   ) / 81920 - constants             (global, static) in RAM/HEAP
BSS    : 25616 )         - zeroed variables      (global, static) in RAM/HEAP
Sketch uses 265133 bytes (27%) of program storage space. Maximum is 958448 bytes.
Global variables use 28012 bytes (34%) of dynamic memory, leaving 53908 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 81920 bytes. v3.0
Serial port /dev/cu.usbserial-1410
Chip is ESP8266EX
Features: WiFi
Crystal is 26MHz
MAC: e8:db:84:e4:45:4b
Uploading stub...
Running stub...
Stub running...
Configuring flash size...
Auto-detected Flash size: 4MB
Flash params set to 0x0340
Compressed 269280 bytes to 197705...
Writing at 0x00000000... (7 %)
Writing at 0x00004000... (15 %)
Writing at 0x00008000... (23 %)
Writing at 0x0000c000... (30 %)
Writing at 0x00010000... (38 %)
Writing at 0x00014000... (46 %)
Writing at 0x00018000... (53 %)
Writing at 0x0001c000... (61 %)
Writing at 0x00020000... (69 %)
Writing at 0x00024000... (76 %)
Writing at 0x00028000... (84 %)
Writing at 0x0002c000... (92 %)
Writing at 0x00030000... (100 %)
Wrote 269280 bytes (197705 compressed) at 0x00000000 in 19.2 seconds (effective 112.0 kbit/s)...
Hash of data verified.

Hard resetting via RTS pin...

when i open the serial monitor i get ?????? response at 9600 baud

when i switch on the board the ping trying this

i get this reponse
⸮ Hello world !

so it's better but in this mode I can't raise any program because arduino can't communicate with esp8266

I don't understand why I get "??" in front of my "hello world".

and also during the videos that I could consult or the documentation that I could read I didn't see anywhere that a change of configuration on the esp8266 was necessary between the download and the reading of information in the serial monitor

if someone can help me I'm interested :)

thanks in advance
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By rpiloverbd
#92989 Hello,

Are you sure that you're selecting the same baud rate? I mean, in your code you're using 9600 baud rate. When you open your serial monitor, are you selecting 9600 as well? This problem often occurs due to baud rate mismatch.