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By rpiloverbd
Rojj wrote:I tested it with a different NodeMCU (that looked exactly the same) and it worked so I thought it was just a damaged MCU. On closer inspection though, the components seems to be slightly different:

Not working NodeMCU
Voltage regulator: AMS1117 (H1618) - I do not know what the second number is
USB2Serial: CP2102 (1806+)
Capacitor? (yellow component): 107J H110C

Working one
Voltage regulator: AMS1117 (H1938)
USB2Serial: CP2102 (1916+)
Capacitor? (yellow component): 107J 33F2

Could this be the reason?

Does the NodeMCU work when you try to upload a simple code? Like the basic LED blinking? If so, then it is not damaged.