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By ld33p
#92792 Hi all

I am trying to hookup my ESP8266 with a battery pack ( with automatic standby after around 45s). My problem is, that the ESP8266 wakes up from deep sleep every 5min but the battery pack is already in standby and not powering the ESP8266.

I am new to the IoT world and so I am asking myself if there is a way to disable automatic standby on the battery pack?
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By pratheek
#93000 The standby mode is to prevent power drain. When only a low current(30mA or less) is drawn from the shield, the battery shield turns off output power after some time.

Newer versions of this shield let users enable/disable this feature with a slide switch. There is a slide switch next to the USB A connector. This switch sets the mode. Putting the switch towards HOLD, the output power will stay on until the battery low voltage is reached. Putting the switch towards NORMAL will drain put the output power on standby if only low power is dawn. You can check out the pics of the new version here -

The easiest way is to get the newer version of the shield, which supports this feature.

Else you can always compare the circuits of the new version and what you have and try to hack your existing shield. Many people have tried it online, but with little success. Without circuits for these modules, it is difficult to hack them.