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By washburn_it
rpiloverbd wrote:
washburn_it wrote:Is there some "ESP8266" equipped board that absorbs less than the NodeMCU?

ESP32 has lower power consumption than ESP8266. Its current consumption is 10 micro ampere in deep sleep.
For further info regarding the low power modes of ESP32, you can see the following articles: ... modes.html ... 6-to-esp32

I bought two ESP32 WROOM Devkit v1 to experiment with the "big brother" of ESP8266 but unfortunately the power consumption during deep sleep is even greater than with ESP8266 (about 11 mA vs 9 mA).
I tried also to take the power LED off from the ESP32 but consumption decreased by just 2 mA then at the same level of the "little" brother.
Probably the solution is to go with a raw module (as btidey wrote)...
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By washburn_it
#93304 I bought an ESP12F that I soldered to a kind of breakout board (, I assembled a board to program the ESP12F (instruction here and loaded a test sketch to put it into deep sleep.
I measured the deep sleep current with a INA219 (with my digital multimeter it doesn't even turn on) directly on the VCC pin and during the deep sleep it measured an oscillating current between 100 and 200 uA.
I still have to measure the consumption with all the sensors connected but it seems encouraging.

Edit: I've read now INA219 specs and it seems that is not possible to measure current under 1mA with probably what I'm reading is not a real value...