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By jtburgess
#93131 I've been trying to upgrade my entire system to the latest:
Arduino 1.8.16, ESP core 3.0 2, DallasTemperature 3.9.0
checking to make sure my project works after each change.

BUT when I upgrade OneWire from 2.3.0 to 2.3.6, it stops seeing any sensors.
Downgrade again and everything works. Something is wrong.
Any ideas? As I said, I made ONE change, and one change back.
What is it about the newer OneWire libraries???

PS I've also tried 2.3.1 ... 2.3.5 in the past with identical results.
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By cruzadam
jamief wrote:I've got a V1 NODEMCU it says Amica on the bottom. I've made a simple script in arduino ide to read the temperatures from a one-wire ds18b20 using D4 as the sensor pin works just fine. I can also use 2 as the sensor pin as D4 is just a mapping of gpio pin 2. The issue is if I try any other pin. Specifically D2 is the one I'm wanting to make work. If I do that using D2 or 4 for the pin the script just acts like it's got nothing attached. THis happens for every pin except D4.

Tutorials online show D2 as being perfectly fine with nothing special in the code for this purpose. THere is nothing special to the cpstest wiring switching from D4 to D2. I'm thinking this is either a dead/dying board or a omegle firmware issue.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Can anyone point me to where to flash the nodemcu back to stock in the even that I somehow screwed that up? I found the cloud flash builder but I'm not sure what all needs included to flash it to it's original state.


I think you may forget to add pullup. gpio0/2 usually have pullups (AFAIK even internal ones are active). gpio4/5 don't usually have pullups and interal ones are not activated/existing.
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By rpiloverbd
#93707 I also came across this tutorial regarding temperature monitoring using ESP8266 and DS18B20. ... 18b20.html
Surprisingly, this tutorial has also used D4 pin. But they have mentioned that any other I/O pin can be used. Have you succeeded using any other pin?