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#91757 There is a issue with your power supply. I was having the same problem in the past, as my running code started giving me the same error. Then after replacing my power source my problem was solved, thanks
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By Hairyloon
btidey wrote:This is a standard watchdog reset caused when the watchdog timer is not fed for a period.

I've got an ESP here that does this almost no matter what the programme. I presume that it simply means that the chip is duff, but I have a couple of others that do similar, but with a narrower field of "Almost": they'll sit there and happily run some things, but consistently throw the error if I ask them to do anything else.

The sensible thing is to just chuck them in the bin and not worry about it, but I'm curious about what's going on, especially given some of the answers I have found from an internet search.

Apologies for the thread hijack: I figured it was dead as there have been no posts for so long.