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By EduardoEG
#93877 Hi!

I intend to show the IP assigned to the ESP by the router on the config portal after a successful connection.

The first idea that comes to my mind: open a STA connection without closing the AP, retrieve WiFi.localIP(), send it to the WiFiManager server and show it on the screen. I don't know if it's possible neither if it's the best approach.

Can anyone, please, give me some advice or any hint on what to try?
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By Inq720
#93911 What is your end-goal after making a connection? If you want a light-weight UI to make the connection and then roll your own TCP or UDP project, it sounds like you're on the right path. If you are doing the connection to get a web server, I might suggest this library instead...
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By Inq720
EduardoEG wrote:Hi! Thank you for your attention!

My end-goal is to be able to connect to my STA-hosted web server without using serial.print(IP) or a static IP.
The fact that this image on your answer shows a "LAN IP" excites me.

There are many people on this forum where the journey of suffering to create your own web server is part of the hobby. It was when I started this library project. That is why I ask about end-goal... many others and certainly my students particularly want to get to their hardware/software specifics of their "vision". The WebServer is simply a means to the end.

If you already know your way around programming the ESP8266 with the Arduino IDE, you're 90% there.

You'll spend more time patching the ESP library than you'll do creating the first project.
3 line promise Tutorial -
Quick Start Guide - - Pretty full featured
Tutorial - - Same features, but long winded... sleeping material.

If you try it out... please let me know if something slows you up. If you don't have the Admin up in less the thirty minutes... 15 Patching, 10 reading, 1 coding, 1 compiling. I didn't do something right.