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By sfranzyshen
#8905 Looks like we will have a new player for the IP support library of the eps8266. Important here is the multicast udp support ... including working mdns and OLSR mesh stuff WOW! :o

tweet from one of thier developers.:

User Docs:

Project Code:
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By empat0
#9406 Has someone looked at the sources? I find "include/arch/pico_esp8266.h" for porting, but i can't find a picotcp device driver for the esp8266. How does picotcp access the mac layer? Isn't the mac layer closed source without api? :?
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By kadamski
#9411 I haven't seen picoTCP code yet but closed mac layer isn't really that big problem. You can communicate with lower layers the same way LwIP does (emulating usage of typical LwIP data structures like netif and pbuf) - if you have any data to send, you call ieee80211_output_pbuf() function, if there is any data to be read, the XTOS task with prio 28 (for STA interface) or 29 (for AP interface) will be posted with the pointer to pbuf structure in event->par in argument.

If you're interested in how LwIP is set up, take a look at https://github.com/kadamski/esp-lwip/bl ... _lwip_if.c

EDIT: I've made a quick look at both documentation and source now. There is no driver initialization code on github but it looks like it should be easy to implement using the information I provided above. The only problem is that you need to create/manage LwIP netif structure with the same ABI as internal SDK functions expect.