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By b4xt3r
#94126 Hello,

I can't find any solid documentation on WPS. Can someone point me to it?
I would like to know
Code: Select allWiFi.beginWPSConfig()

actually behaves.

1) Is it safe to have that function run in a loop? I want to fire it as long as status does not equal WL_CONNECTED

2) Do I HAVE to press the WPS on my router FIRST? Does this matter? What if I run that function 24//7 but press the WPS button of my router any time I want, later on. Will it succeed?

3) what happens if you run the following :
Code: Select allWiFi.begin("some wrong ssid", "some wrong password");

basically i want to hard code a default ssid and password, but I also want to have WPS as a fallback option if i cannot connect anymore with the default credentials.