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By Mohamed Gamal
#94326 Hi there
I have an issue with the ESP8266 that I am using.
I have written a code to check software updates from firebase if found and then the esp8266 should update itself
the code is tested on node MCU and works fine but for making a PCB with esp8266 only it does not work it gives me reset cause 3 after updating the code on firebase I have checked the needed connection for esp8266-12E and found that we need five resistors to make it works fine
pullup resistor to GPIO0
pullup resistor to GPIO2
pullup resistor to CH-PD
pullup resistor to NRST
pulldown resistor to GPIO15
I have selected the resistor values all to be 10KΩ but it didn't work at all. then I tried to change it to any other value that I have changed it up to 430KΩ but the same reset cause.
can anyone help me with that issue?