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By Inq720
Magi wrote:The TCRT5000L is a reflective sensor with an infrared emitter and phototransistor housed in a leaded package that blocks visible light. Two mounting clips are included in the package. Can you tell me how to use TCRT5000L and how does it work? ... er?id=1584

I've done a couple of projects with these: line-following robot and anemometer. Here are my accumulation of notes with the original references.

Uses InqPortal for output and display.

• TCRT5000L - Range: 0.2mm to 15mm
• Datasheet -
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• Tachometer -
• But for ESP8266
The datasheet says the forward current through the diode is to be no larger than 60mA. With 3.3 V supply and an emmitter forward voltage of about 1V there should be a (3.3-1)/0,06 = 36 Ohms resistor in series with the diode. I would go for a little bit more, say 47 Ohms.
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Hope this helps.
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By Inq720
tepalia02 wrote:For what application do you want to use it? Line follower robot?

Don't know... the O.P. was not courteous enough to even acknowledge the help (or if it didn't)... but now I see he deleted his post.