Chat here is you are connecting ESP-xx type modules to existing AVR based Arduino

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By Inq720
tepalia02 wrote:From the question, it looks like he/she is collecting data from the nano by using esp-01. I think he/she is using the esp-01 just to add wifi connectivity to the project. Let's see if s/he gives any further clarification.

Hi tepalia02... I was beginning to wonder if there were any real people left on the forum. And the CamelCase bots seem to always ask this same kind of problem... "connecting an Arduino to an ESP8266". :D

I've yet to get any such posts to answer (at all) much less why they want to connect the two. Short of needing a bunch of analog lines, it's far easier to just use and ESP8266 and do all the project logic AND do the WiFi and get rid of all the intercommunications code and headaches. Just interested in hearing the FIRST use case that actually justified the headaches. Just my curiosity. ;)
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By QuickFix
Inq720 wrote:Just my curiosity. ;)

The stupid thing about the ESP and "The internet" is that 90% of the examples and how-to's that can be found are "Wrong" or at least "Clumsy". A lot of them are using an ESP-01 ("Because they're cheap"?) combined with an Arduino UNO board set into reset-mode for flashing (only God knows why) without any (3.3V <=> 5V) level shifting, instead of just using a ready made and convenient development board and it appears that a lot of people are not even aware that you can actually let the ESP do all the hard work in its own without using an Arduino board and AT-commands.

BTW: I'm also a CamelCase bot. :lol:
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By Inq720
QuickFix wrote:BTW: I'm also a CamelCase bot. :lol:

You must be one of those AI's Musk keeps warning up about taking over the world! :D

I put a couple of my projects on the hub just for S&G's. And I noted during the process that you have to itemize hardware. If you have an Arduino product in the list, you get special treatment. If not (like all of mine) you get a tag and you can't be "featured" whatever that is. I'm fine with Arduino's self promoting capitalism... but because of that about every project that has an ESP in it also has an Arduino in it so they can get featured.

Maybe... I should stick an Uno in my projects and include photos using it as a door-stop.

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