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By Inq720
#94259 Got one more idea. Just started some development on an ESP32 and it was behaving the same way. Found...

  1. While it is compiling, hold down the reset button.
  2. When the Arduino IDE says "Connecting...", release it.

I've never had to do this on an ESP8266, not even the Pro I got because of (this) thread. Maybe it has something the to-do with the way your clone manufacturer designed the main board with the USB components. Even the article I read on the ESP32 fix, implied some boards need this step, others don't need it.
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By Garmin
#94828 Hi there,

I just got the WeMos D1 Mini Pro 4MB today and encountered the same uploading problem. Fortunately, I came across a post that offered a solution.

I’d recommend reinstalling the latest driver from their website: ...

Can not upload to board Wemos D1 mini

Or @silabs Downloads for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Android below

The Win10's default CP210x driver is problematic.

All the best.