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By perkint
#95002 Hi folks,

Got what I think is a pretty simple question, but not sure where to ask, so I'm hoping here will be near enough the right place...

Using ESP8266s and LittleFS. Had some issues where the html/javascript files I'm using were not updating (ie I am selecting the ESP8622 Upload files and it confirms completed on the status line of the IDE, but the files when served by the board had not changed). Now I suspect that was user error rather than anything else (or certainly user helping to complicate matters with multiple boards connected at the same time and multiple IDEs open). But, just to make it easier for me to trap this (even if it is down to my stupidity) I'd like to add "last updated" to the dump of files that I put out at boot time, and here comes my question...

LitteFS supports a file timestamp for last update on files. But, this does not appear to be compatible with windows timestamp so:
1. If I edit a file using LittleFS and then display Last Write it shows recent date/time as expected.
2. If I edit a file on windows then simply upload it to LitteFS and display Last Write I get a zero value.
Is this correct or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for any help.