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By pattagghiu
#95013 Hello,
not sure if this is the correct place to post in, but honestly also my problem is not clear at all so let me try :)

Premisi: this sounds strange and stupid. I know.
The problem: i have *some* esp8266 mini i use for my IOT projects. Lastly, i'm working on a AC ir controller, with an am2322 i2c sensor.
All seems ok, the code is working, the GUI is based on async web server and bla bla bla.
When i boot the device in open air (just connected with the usb cable, no breadboard, nothing else) everything is ok, the GUI is fast and responsive.
On the other side if i put the esp8266 in a breadboard (i tried 3) or even if i touch with a finger the pins of the device (!!!!) the esp8266 becomes deadly slow, the GUI is not even loading, this is a total nonsense!
This is NOT limited to connecting sensors or devices, i removed them all, it is just about putting the esp8266 in the breadboard (that has no shortcuts, obviously), but also only touching the pins (it seems in the RX-TX-D1-D2 section).
I tried removing all the I2C software part, but nothing changed.
I have to admit i have totally no idea, also because i've used a lot of esp8266 mini in breadboard and never had this sort of problem. I also tried with another esp8266 mini, same issue.
Any idea?