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By leon14344
#94991 Hey there everyone;

I have never messed with microcontrollers at all, but I find myself in a situation in which I need to learn to resolve a problem.

I had purchased a device called a GBS-Control from a company, it is a video upscaler that is meant to be pretty DIY and an assembly of several boards, including an 8266 as it's wifi module so you can control the video settings via a browser once connected to your internet.

I accidentally revoked access to my network to the device within my router's settings. I've been told that once it can't see a network, the devie is supposed to revert to a default. However, it is no longer broadcasting a default SSID, it's as if it's still connected just not transmitting data.

My question is: how would I go about resetting the wifi information contained within the 8266? It does have a micro-USB port accessible and I have the Arduino software installed, but there's also a reset button. I'm worried the reset button would wipe even the custom default broadcast it's supposed to do when being set up. Also, the company I had assemble the device does not respond to questions about how to use or configure the device, only questions involving the order itself.

Thank you for reading, and thanks in advance for any assistance.
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By perkint
#95003 Doesn't sound like an easy one :(

The ESP8266 is basically a computer. In your case, it doesn't appear to be doing what the suppliers programmed it to. You have the micro USB port so can possibly reprogram it, but unless you have the original code from the suppliers, you can program it to do lots of things, but not what it is expected to do in your video encoder.

The reset button could reset to factory defaults which may be what you want, but then again if it is the "standard" ESP8266 reset button, it will just reboot the board. Don't suppose you have a pic of the board (may or may not help)?