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By rascalsailor
#95052 I am doing a webserver using the code at:
The esp8266 keeps resetting and that seems to be an issue with storage in Program memory causing a corruption to the main code.
I read the post at But there it uses server.send(...) as my code from the example is doing.
As I understand it, I need to use:
Code: Select allserver.send_P(200, "text/html", s );

rather than:
Code: Select allserver.send(200, "text/html", s );

I'm getting an error saying that send_P expects 4 arguments.
Can anyone advise how to correctly send a page from prog memory?
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By rooppoorali
#95069 From here: ... erver.html
it looks like there are two types of send_P function.

void send_P (int code, PGM_P content_type, PGM_P content)

void send_P (int code, PGM_P content_type, PGM_P content, size_t contentLength)

You may have you specify the text's length in the forth parameter.