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#95574 Hardware: Shelly 1PM / ESP8266
Goal: Fetch data from rest API at:
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to be used for calculating the opportune period for power use.
Request: (start=current date and time)
Code: Select all/dataset/elspotprices?start=2022-11-25T13:00&filter={"PriceArea":["DK2"]}&columns=SpotPriceEUR&sort=HourDK&limit=34

Issue :
I want to be able to leave and forget, without having to worry about periodically updating fingerprint, certificates, etc.
SSL is not needed, and data can be fetched using regular unsecure HTTP GET, but when attempting to do so, it's throwing Exceptions (9, 28), though it still technically works. The issue is well known, but no explanation or solution is readily available, or so it would seem, from hours upon hours of research.
Numerous approaches have been attempted, none have been well explained, and none have satisfied my, I think, not unreasonable requirements. If my browser can do it, without jumping through hoops, surely the ESP8266 can as well.

There is little point in me continuing my project, which is actually fairly interesting and rather useful, if I cannot find a solution, to this particular problem, thus I really hope that someone can enlighten me, as to what I'm doing wrong.

I have little hope that a solution is forthcoming, as I would've expected to find it, without too much effort, but I really do hope that I am wrong, and that someone here can help.

Thanks and best regards.