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By ArjenV
#95800 Gas prices are going through the roof....

Trying to get more 'milage' from my convector pit, I added a number of fans on top to force convection. I added an ESP8266 to get the data.

The ESP8266 measures 2 temperatures with DS18B20 sensors. It also 'watches' the on/off switch of the fans. One temp sensor is in the pit, the other above.
Output to an OLED screen
Output to a tiny webserver
Output to Thingspeak

Credits must go to some that published individual parts of this code, however I did not administrate the original contributors. I combined a lot and changed it to suit my cause....

Code can be found on github: https://github.com/arjenv/ESP8266-Dual-temperature-Thingspeak-OLED-Webserver
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