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By bruno1950
#95696 Hi,
I'm a newbie of this forum and of the world of ESP8266 and ESP32. I've already posted-this question in the chat area because i had not found this area, so I apologize for the mistake.
Anyway I have this problem: I'm trying without any success to connect a D1 Mini Pro ESP8266 based to a PC with OS W 11. On this PC three different ESP32s work fine and the drivers for the CP2104 are properly installed. My D1 Mini Pro has the SIL2104 chip but is not recognized and the messages "USB device not recognized" and "descriptor request failed" appear; the blue led just blinks two or three times when I connect it even if in some instances it goes on blinking without interruption as long as it's connected.
When I try to update the drivers manually I am not "allowed" by w11 to choose the path that contains the driver working with ESP32 (the path is C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\silabser.sys) and the driver related to the device continues to be from Microsoft and not from Silab : so I'm completely stuck. I'd be very grateful if someone could help me. Have a happy new year.