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By Developer
#49130 Hi Everybody.

I bought a ESP8266 ESP-07 Generic Board and a FTDI USB Shield. I am flashing my ESP8266 ESP-07 with Espruino.

I get to connect with ESP6266 ESP-07, but I can't to write nothing on terminal. What I did wrong ?

Connection success :

My flash Screens:


My wire connection:

Thank you
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By bbx10node
#49172 I see a couple of problems in the schematic. RESET is not connected but should be pulled up. GPIO0 is pulled down which puts the ESP in bootload mode. GPIO0 should be pulled high to run the firmware in Flash. There are other pins that need some attention. Take a look at the Wiki for details on pull up/down for ESP pins.


The FTDI chip does not provide enough current to power the ESP chip. Use a 3.3V power supply capable of supplying at least 300 mA. Two 1.5V AAA or AA batteries also work.

Sparkfun now has an FTDI basic board with 3.3V regulator @ 600mA to handle modules like this.