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By lsm
#50019 Hello!
Smart.js has been renamed to Mongoose IoT Platform, and released it's cloud IDE support!

In short, a platform:
1. Has two parts: a firmware and a cloud part
2. A firmware includes:
a) Mongoose ( - embedded network library that supports practically any IoT protocol. Mongoose is 10+year on the market, used by thousands of organisations including Intel, Samsung, NASA (Mongoose is on orbit, serving scientific experiments on International Space Station).
b) V7 ( - a smallest in the world JavaScript engine
3. A cloud provides an IDE which allows to build ESP8266 firmware in C an/or JavaScript by a single button press - no need to set up a toolchain.
4. A cloud has a hosted Web App, and provides a Mobile App for a simple device control
5. Supported hardware: ESP8266 (with flash starting from 1 MB), virtual nodemcu. Shortly - TI CC3200, STM32, nRF52.

It is possible to connect esp8266 in minutes and start to control it (in a simplest case through "curl" utility), via the encrypted connection (HTPPS or WSS, secure web socket). Here is an example - ...


1. Documentation with Quick Start Guide & tutorials -
2. Online IDE -
3. Source code on Github -
4. Flashing utility -