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By vanjo9800
#50093 Hello,
I am trying to make two ESP8266 communicate in a network hosted on one of them. I need the one that does not host the network to send around 300bits of information each second to the second ESP8266. I found three major ways to do this, but each of them has its own problem.
1) UDP - almost works, but some requests are omitted
2) TCP - completely does not work (works only for the first three to ten requests and then the server says that there is no client
3) HTTP requests - works, but not fast enough

Am I doing something wrong and are there other alternatives for this communication?

Thank you in advance!!!
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By awinterstale33
#50098 Hi, have you looked at ESP-NOW? I've been working on it today trying to get two ESP8266-12F's to talk to each other. It seems like a more direct, peer-to-peer kind of set up. I came across it in this book, Kolban's Book on the ESP8266 and ESP32, by Neil Kolban, which is actually extremely useful.

Its free($0 - $10) but requires an account here:
I ended up going back and paying $10 for it because it was so helpful. ESP-NOW is on pg. 118

I just noticed that the max bytes is 256 though. Might not work for you.
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By vanjo9800
#50120 Thank you awinterstale33!!!

ESP-NOW seems as a very good solution to the problem. It is secure and developed for ESP8266 in particular. I will give it a try.

However, it seems that I cannot manage to run it with Arduino IDE because it does not recognize the espnow library.

This code: ... c/main.cpp

Gives the following errors: undefined reference to `esp_now_init' and so on about all other elements from espnow.h.

Do you know how I can fix that?