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By Arduolli
schufti wrote:Hi,
you are correct. Unfortunately there has been too much change for the simple solution to work.

For an easy maintainable Arduino-esp8266-ide I would do something like:

a) download .zip version of recent Arduino-ide
b) unpack it to some suitable place (e.g. d:\, keep the version info if you like to have several versions)
c) create an empty directory "portable" in this directory
d) start arduino once
e) under "portable" create following chain of directories: packages\esp8266\hardware\esp8266\2.3.0
f) proceed like from 5) in your post
g) download and copy following file into "portable" so that ide recognises esp8266 devices ... index.json

this gives you the freedom of the location of your Arduino-ide, simplifies backups (all in one dir) and parallel versions, keeps your settings, all sketches and additional libs in one place (portable\sketchbook)

If someone knows how to generate the .json (preferrably add it to this would be awesome.

Thanks, schufti.
This way, everything is in one place.
Works fine for me.