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By scrumfled
#57541 OK, I've been tinkering all morning, trying to get the following scenario working;

An ESP8266 connected to wifi (done), running a webserver (done), taking form input and saving it (1/2 done) and advertising itself via mDNS so that clients can connect (heres the problem).

Right now, my mac can see the ESP (using widget.local as the address) and connect to it. If it try to do the same via an android mobile, it fails in the lookup. I read earlier that android dont really do mDNS and instead override to their own DNS servers. I've also read lots of folks claiming they've got it working.

Sooo, whats the story... is android/mdns working (as an out of the box/dont fiddle with the mobile client kind of deal). If so, does anyone have an example code showing how their working mDNS implementation is.

ps. the library examples do not work.
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By rudy
#58561 I have never got it to work with Windows either. From my limited understanding I think there is no one way that works for everything.
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By movil
#76244 For Windows you need to install Bonjour. MDns to work needs it’s counterpart that is a discovery service. Mac devices do this since 2002. New versions of Windows and Ubuntu Os too. Android says it supports it but I still could not make it work.