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By hawk.hsieh
#59438 I use the XiaoMi wifi router and setup the 2.4g and 5g to use the same SSID at the same time.
First I try to use smart config app to find the esp8266 which runs smart config.
Then, the esp8266 cant find the wifi AP. There is any log print about the smart config, it is silent.
Meanwhile, the other esp8266 runs the WPS example, it works, 8266 finds and connects to the wifi AP that smart config doesn't find.
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By deemstone
#79774 I got the same problem!! It's annoying me for a long time (about 2 moths).
I had tried all What I can change , eg. sdk version 2.0, 2.2, 3.0, and an Arduino ino ( ... config.ino)

Thank goodness, finally I found this post , just when I began to doubt my wifi router (maybe some incompatible :? :?: Netgear WNDR4300v2 ).
Saw the keyword " 2.4G and 5G ", after turning 5G off ...... it works!! :shock:

I dont know much about wifi Spec, maybe the 5G signal from same router does interference on smart config process?

So to say, the tech of "smart config" is not strong enough to work reliable. We must to implement "config by hand" to ensure our product can work anywhere.