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By Barnabybear
#63970 Hi, as Rudy says you can build in some checks against the MAC or parts of it. Whilst this isn't the most secure thing for commercial applications it will stop the average person cloning the code to another ESP. You could also put a password in the RTC memory, again this could be worked round if you knew it existed. All you can do is make things hard work, but given that all someone would have to work from is compiled hex, you could make it pretty hard for someone.
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By QuickFix
ciaoperator wrote:For example:

It looks interesting, but when a website looks as shady as that ("I will generate a key for $1.25 a pop" and all links lead to the same index-page), I'm not sure I will trust my precious code to them.

But maybe it's me and it's ligit, who knows?