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By Luc Volders
#67248 And I am off for a long deserved Holliday.
So I am not looking at this forum (or any part of the Internet for that matter) for 3 weeks.

So I am most curious on what to find in about 3 weeks.

Thumbs Up !!!!

I am really interested wether ESP-Basic will work on the ESP-32.

Good luck Mike

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By villTech
wurst44 wrote:I guess most oft it works, I made a ESP32 with a ST7735 LCD and RFM69HW inside a NES Controller.
Pls have a look on my blog: :D

nice work you got there with your nes controller.

i have a 8266/pic24/blueooth dongle on a ps3 controller.
not much hardare mod on the ps3 controller.

will try to do the same as you did, on my nunchuck, esp, oled, and 18650 lipo.
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By its1000
#69445 Hello MMI, ti works on the ESP32?

support the touch included function? and screen?

thank you again for all what you did with the ESP32 and the basic. I am having so much fun...
sure that I could learn Arduino, but Basic is so easy..