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By trackerj
Electroguard wrote:Looking forward to it TJ.

It's slowly building up on the new location.
If you have time, just take a look, any feedback it's welcomed! :)

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By trackerj
Oldbod wrote:Microsoft offer 5TB of storage with their £80 a year office365 subscription model. That's amazingly cheap, and the only way it can be done is with no personal interest in your data. (And probably only a very small %takeup). Cloud providers are hugely motivated to keep the generic whole safe, but OTOH have very little interest in your data personally. They are also an obvious target for malicious attention, because of the effect a successful attack will have.

So I'd entirely agree - use them by all means, but assume that anything stored there is vulnerable. Good practise used to be airgap, and a suitable geographic distance between where you keep instantaneous/daily backups and your backup(s) of last resort. You might argue the cloud provider gives that geographic separation. Gfs,as it was back in the mists of time....

Yes, beautiful offer, hard to refuse.

Imagine a scenario where you have all your data "safe", "insured", "blabla" in such a location.
And suddenly in a morning you discover that not only your website is down, but also your own access to your own data it's denied. Why? I'm almost sure that you cannot image the answer that you might receive: "For your own good!".
Now go with the imagination a liitle bit further and imagine that your business resides in such a "100% safe" location. Sudden death. But don't become to worry, you will receive appologies in a month or two or six afther that, it's was just a "glitch" in the AI and you, your business, etc are just some insignifiant collateral damage. Sounds to SF to you? Unfortunately it's closer to the reality than I like...
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By Electroguard
#68006 Oh yeah TJ, I forgot to mention that we also selfishly need all the i2c and other stuff that you bring to us which we greatly appreciate and don't want to lose, so please make sure you keep hanging in there buster, cos the world needs what you bring to it, not just us selfish no-hopers, ok!
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By forlotto
#73658 I think it happened for the best I like the new layout much more very easy to navigate I wish there were some video for the AC Mains Dimmer newest version of course while I am sure I can likely get this working I am curious to see what you do maybe something different on the bench than I would possibly? Look forward to all of your projects my friend as you know you are one of my favorite electronics shops world wide with a super focus on improving and bringing quality products to end users for a great price.

The only downfall is shipment prices have become very much more expensive making it difficult to order unless you need a multiple of things but still I think the extra money in shipment was worth the extra time taken to solder things in professionally on a nice clean and properly sealed board I have seen way too much garbage out there that will work but for how long some of the esp's even have way too little solder holding the joints together I don't care if it is smt it is like they just get it to stick and call it good almost like conductive glueing your product together.

I don't know about anyone else but this sucks especially when you are working on your kitchen chair in the dark and you can only reach the work if you stand on your tip toes with a flashlight in your mouth on that wobbly chair lol I'd rather not have to do this often due to poor quality componnents or soldering!

As always take care my friend and the site looks great,