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By trackerj
#73712 Thank you all for your kind words, I really appreciate it! I am very happy to see that my Articles, Tutorials and Youtube Videos helped you with your own projects.

Forlotto, I am doing my best to finalise and upload also new tutorials, including new dimmer ones for the MPDMv7.5 development board , the only thing that I'm missing a lot is some free time! It will be great to do only these things for a living, but for now that's just a dream and dreams are not paying the monthly bills. At least in this part of the world :)

Regarding shipping, this it's something out of my hands, from last August, without any further notice, for security clearance reasons, whatever, whaveter, etc, electronic devices are no more accepted in the "small packets" delivery option and can be sent only thru "commercial goods" option. It's a bit more expensive and each delivery involves a pile of papers to be filled but has also some customer advantages: fully trackable both sides in almost any country (including the fancy USPS from the US of A :), a bit faster, same price upto 1kg (so if you order more than 4 boards then price is better than small packets option used before). Fot the big MPRSx8 Relay Boards it's better price even from 2pcs!

Happy breadboarding,
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By forlotto
#73741 Yes, I can understand that totally the whole it is whatever pays the bills mentality but I believe your success lies in continued dedication to providing value don't think for one moment that all of your hard work providing such a value such as your website does to the many communities do not work hand in hand.

Success is a measure of contributed value the only reason anyone profits is because they provide value the more value you provide the more you will profit a rather simple equation, especially for your business model. Value is in your website for one you save a lot of money in having to provide manuals and at the same time, you may appeal to someone that otherwise would not purchase something because they don't understand it the video and posts help quite a bit. The more people and the more ways you provide value the more you will be a success and the easier it will be to pay your bills. And time is indeed limited as we all know.

You are on the right path my friend keep walking your feet may hurt it might rain there may be something in the way from time to time ever changing but it is the value that leads to success and the pure fact that you are passionate about what you do!