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By robert badiduwitz
#70658 It been about 7 months or so since I asked this question. I really like espBasic, and have spent quite a bit of time with it. I does get frustrating trying to program it, but like others here have suggested, there are a few tips that help. Still, I wonder if Mike is still working on this project, or is it pretty much going to stay where it is. I know Mike does this out of the kindness of his heart, and it is very much appreciated, thats for sure. Just wondering what the future holds, if this is still going anywhere, or maybe if the esp32 is the next step for basic.

A big thanks to Mike! Could you PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE, let us know what your thoughts are here. I am sure that I am not the only one who really wants to know.
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By forlotto
#72871 Mike works full time currently plus he teaches a maker space in his town which happened after the project was put in to play. He has also been working on an automated 3D printing rig which he has nearly perfected with so you could send batches of prints to the 3D printer and have it automatically scrape the print off the printer and print the next job in the batch pretty cool stuff actually check out his youtube page if you want to see it.

I have a feeling the ESP32 support is likely taking a back seat at this time likely this is not the end of the world as it will help bring the prices down of the ESP32 DEV KITS I suppose IDK I would love to see the support myself but to be honest I haven't touched a ESP for quite some time nor have I donated for quite a while to take something like this on is not a 1 day venture it took a little over a full year to get espbasic to where it is right now actually and that was a lot of banging away at the keyboard and finding bugs etc. So I get it myself.

Agreed support would be pretty sweet the extra GPIO's alone are going to be huge for my projects I'll likely be tearing down a bunch of power strips I made when this happens to throw in the ESP32.

Anyways just my take on it as you say onwards and upwards for now I've been messing with other projects around the house lots of things to do getting the work room more organized and aquiring some tools, messing with raspberry pi and so on. I still have a bunch of esp hardware to mess with as well I will not be bored even if it takes another year lol so I suppose I'll just keep plugging away with what I got. In the mean time I have a 3D printer on order as I want to give that a try as well :P
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By Oldbod
#72910 I think (just personal opinion) that the esp8266 will be eclipsed by the esp32 for homebrew, just because of the higher capabilities without a huge cost increase if considering low volumes. I'm sure a version of espbasic could be made to run on esp32, just not how much effort a port would be and if the dev environment will be stable enough. I think there are a very few, brilliant , dedicated and hard working people supporting the esp8266, and if they have to support esp32 then it may be a challenge. Meanwhile, devs like pi zero take the high end for not much more money. I think esp32 will be best at stuff like sensors, and that's what I'll look at for it.