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By forlotto
#72916 Good point oldbod I tend to agree to a degree but hey this is what I intend to use it for small but super functional devices home made I do use one esp as a server currently rather than the pi through the use of wget so I don't have to leave all of my devices facing the net I may go a step further and integrate a pi for better security but after the ARM and INTEL exploits just discovered Meltdown and Spectre I do wonder how much more secure they are than my ESP not to mention the managment engines that both AMD and Intel use in their processor which is essentially undocumented there is essentially backdoor access from the Vendor to do anything they want more or less unless you disable it with something like libreboot and coreboot essentially if the info was in the wrong hands it is just as big of a threat. ESPBASIC is a very small niche and it is not anything super powerful to take control of but likely enough to craft a hack to take control of another more useful device. But like I say you can provision your network accordingly.

I like the raspberry pi I finally gave in and started messing with mine over the last few months it has proved as a pretty useful tool but the ESP's footprint is much smaller and much more useful to design application specific devices for smart home automation and sensors as you say. Its low power is a huge boon vs the PI's requirements. If I am working on automation chances are I am energy aware and this little guy has a huge advantage in both size and energy.