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By McChubby007
#75278 Could it be environmental? Electromagnetic interference perhaps, or ambient temperature very high, humidity? Has anything changed around where the boards are located?
If I remember rightly, the wi-fi radio does not switch off unless the sketch specifically tells it to, so even a blank sketch will be doing wi-fi 'stuff' - perhaps the wi-fi around you has changed somehow and it is causing the esp's a problem. Thers are all wild guesses on my part, it's all very odd.
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By QuickFix
#75283 Have you tried powering it with a power bank instead of mains electricity (just trying to rule things out)?
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By rudy
perigalacticon wrote:Thanks but I have tried 3 completely different power sources, 4 different modules, 3 types of module. I previously used all of these for many months with no problem and now this happens! It doesn't matter which IDE I use either. They all fault at exactly the same rime no matter what I do, nothing is affecting them at all! They all run for about 62 seconds then fault. Totally confused. Even a sketch that just prints millis with no libraries included.

But have you taken a voltage measurement at the ESP8266 module 3.3V to module ground? Because Blink should not give you a problems.

The other thing I would try is to restore the module to factory resets. Wipe out all memory and settings.