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By gark81
#75974 Hi all,

First of all, i'm been searching for days, but i'm not been able to find it.

I'm trying to use an Arduino MEGA for sensors control, and add WiFi options to Arduino with an ESP-01 in which i want to program "Wifimanager" o something like that.

In other words, to use Arduino MEGA for sensors control, inputs and outputs, and the ESP-01 as WiFi and other internet options (wifimanager, telegrambot, MQTT, SQL querys..)

All i found is use ESP8266 with AT commands to connect to specific host, or Arduino control all WiFi options and send AT command to ESP for connect...

Is it possible?
(program ESP with Wifimanager + program Arduino with I/O control + ESP & Arduino comunicate themselves by Serial (Tx/RX)) :?: :?: :?:

My idea is:

Sensors + Other Input / Outputs
Arduino MEGA (read and write I/O pins and communicate with ESP8266 via TX/RX to WiFi)
ESP8266 - ESP-01 ( WiFi Manager, and other internet parameters as SQL querys; communicate between Arduino (Tx/RX) and Internet)

For that i need to program Arduino and ESP8266 separately

Thanks in advance