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By cicciocb
#76032 Hi all,
I decided some time ago to develop a completely new BASIC interpreter from scratch which would include many unique features.
This interpreter contains a long list of features such as :
- Integrated WEB IDE with context sensitive Help
- Very responsive WEB interface
- Breakpoints, single step, immediate execution of commands
- Double precision variables with multidimensional arrays
- A long list of supported devices

After much time in development it has now come of age, and is ready for the final Beta-testing phase to ensure it is ready for public release.

If you are interested in being part of an exclusive beta-test group with hands-on access for carrying out in-depth testing prior to public release, please PM me.


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By Oldbod
#76038 Very interesting! Congratulations - huge effort / achievement starting from scratch - wish I was still that focussed. I've been hoping just to find time to try to rebuild the existing interpreter with the later websocket stuff from Expressif - guess thats what you use, think it would go a long way towards solving the existing issues - and then if agreed with mmiscool add some performance tweaks but just too busy to do more than odd scan of github for fixes. So you can imagine I'll be watching for more with great interest.

A couple of general interest questions if I may

Is this going to be free and ( eventually ) open source?

Will it run on esp32?

Be nice if forum mods could set you up a dedicated platform section.

Good luck!