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By cicciocb
Botman wrote:I can't get the PM feature of this board to work for me, but I really want to help beta test your new BASIC.
I enjoyed using Mike's Basic for a long time, and yours sounds really attractive. I'll be retiring in a month, so I'll have more time on my hands to try the features of your code. Please email me: botman at gmail dot com, and tell me how to participate.



I've sent you an email.
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By cicciocb
bedesign wrote:Nice to see more interest in the project

As a hint with regard to the previous problem if it's still present in the
new version? with program corruptions at uploads of larger creations,
the following info might be of interest -

I have no proof of this, but in case the WDT is active during uploads
it could be worth trying to disable or extend the time-out at that stage
- then reset it.
When the developer most often is close to the unit,
the risk of problem is small.

The good people working on the Moongoose OS have made an heroic
effort and reverse engineered the undocumented WDT ROM code.

As the WDT is demanding attention from a running program also,
this info allows for dynamic work mode changes at critical
program phases -

The WDT specific API + code: ... p_hw_wdt.h ... p_hw_wdt.c ... register.h

Hi bedesign,
I do not know what problem you are referring to but this is not a new version of ESPbasic but a completely new project.
One of the main objectives was to avoid crashes so it has been provided with an error handling mechanism to avoid this.
The beta phase aims to confirm that.

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By drhaitch
#76119 I would encourage anyone interested to contact cicciocb and sign up for the Beta.
email to
Its a very advanced beta, everything I have tried has worked.
It is a little overwhelming just how much they have done. Its a very full featured IDE, and the speed is impressive. I can scroll a 16x16 ws2812b grid (256 LEDs) at about 7-8 frames a second(at a guess) , which is much faster than before, and something I wouldnt even try with micropython.
Very good documentation at present , with just a few typos.
When released this will really make development on the esp8266 so much easier.
If you cant tell, I'm very excited by this, :)